All Grain Beer Kit – Picadilly Porter


Our London style Porter contains traditional British Maris Otter malt and specialty malts (crushed), UK hops, and yeast – Ready to mash in and make delicious beer ever time! Temperature and time guidelines are also included.

Porter originated in London, England, as a blend of stout and pale ale. It flourished for over two centuries before fading away to near oblivion. Revived by micros and homebrewers, this beer is dark (almost black) but not as roasty as a stout. Chocolate notes, and relatively low bitterness, make this flavorful session beer as popular today, as it was among the Hotel Porters of London’s past.

O.G. 1.054-58 | F.G. 1.012-16 | ABV 5.6% | IBU 20

(OG Based On 75% Brewhouse Efficiency)

Makes 23 Litres!

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